Huns RFC  Hall of Fame

Honoring the past, building for the future...

The Huns RFC Hall of Fame was established in 2017 to honor key Huns for their contributions to the Club over the years on and off the pitch. The HHOF is managed by the Huns Hall of Fame Committee comprised of Jack Bloom (chairman), Brent "Captain Poot" Graef, TJ Costello, David Pelton, and Don Chandler. Inductees were nominated by their peers and voted in by a combination of the Board of Directors and the Committee.

Class of 2017 - Pat Lochridge (founder)

Class of 2019 - Luke Ashley, John Burns, Bill Overton, Gerry Acuna, Jay Rudd, Jack Bloom, Kirk Tate, Carl Dahlberg, Dave Zack, Graham Watson, Chris Bugge, Shawn Rutledge, and Luis Sanchez

Class of 2023 - Art Acuna, Brant "Captain Poot" Graef, Brent "Zippy" Zipoy